Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Tay

For Tay's birthday we had over Beth and Shea, Tina and Josh and "Grandma yellow hair" (Micah's mom) It is so funny because when we were little we did the same thing. We called one "grandma black hair" and the other "grandma white hair" so it is funny that Mya came up with the same idea. She calls my mom "grandma black hair"

Tay didn't get a chance to unwrap any presents. Mya had already torn into them all before he could even figure out what was going on. Tay got some cute clothes and toys from friends and family, Thanks everyone! Mya loves all of Tay's new toys too.... probably a little more than he does

Micah is such a sweet dad. He woke at 3am to get on the web cam and see his little boys first birthday. I am so glad he was able to be a part of the party

Mmmm yummy cake


The Askeroth Family said...

Happy Birthday Tay! Julie, that cake you made is so cute, you are so talented. I'm glad that Micah got to see some of the party!

Beth said...

We had a fun time at the party...Thanks. I can't believe our boys are getting so old. The cake was adorable, and Tay looks so cute.

Tiffany Carter said...

Happy b-day Tay-ster!