Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Walking amid 2,000 al Qaeda suspects


I was so excited when Micah told me that a CNN reporter came to take a tour of the compound he works at in Camp Bucca because the soldiers are not allowed to take any pictures or any videos of anything but their pods (place where they sleep) so I have always wondered what the compound looks like. The compound is he works at is the most dangerous compound in camp bucca, holding over 2,000 Al Qaeda suspects. Their company has done a lot of work on it and it gives Micah a nice break being able to do some manual labor sometimes. Because they have the "nicest" looking one it is the compound everyone gets a tour of.
I thought is was cool to finally get to see where Micah works thirteen hour days six days a week and is getting paid like a fourty hour work week...... Anyway, he always tells me about staring down at men in yellow all day and I have to say I was way off of what I thought it would look like. (above is a link to the video they took)


Andrea said...

That was really interesting. I had no idea about visitation from families.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your husband is deployed. My son is there too - - he's only 20 years old, but (hopefully) will get to come home next month. It must be awful hard on you trying to raise the children alone. I will say a prayer for your beautiful family.

Beth said...

Wow! That was really interesting to watch. It makes it more real when you actually see what goes on there instead of just imagining what it must be like. Only one month left. Yahoo!!!!