Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Region Basketball

It was so much fun watching Lance and Tyce play ball this past weekend.

Every time they play, Mya wears her purple and gold. Everyone always gives me a hard time because they are all Jazz fans and Mya is wearing A Lakers Jersey, What can I say, I married a die hard Lakers fan.

This is for you Micah, I made Shaun put this on youtube so you wouldn't be left out of the action. After all, you are always the loudest one there.

It is the last minute of their game against Piute, Lance got a couple big steals, Porter made some good shots and Tyce made the game winning shot, a three pointer along with a foul.

Here is the link:

Monday, February 18, 2008

Date night

Mya is becoming a little girl, it is weird how fast they grow. One of Mya's favorite thing to do is put Tay to bed and have our little date nights. We make cookies, eat bubble gum icecream, candy and anything else that is bad for you, And the best part is that I don't have to feel guilty because Micah's not there to see us devour a whole plate of cookies in one night.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pizza Party!

After a long day and a very successful mission we all decided to have our 1st Iraq pizza and mountain dew celebration. We ate like pigs and then took some pics with our weapons since we are not allowed to take our cameras on missions, that is a lame rule. I wish I could send some pictures of us actually doing our jobs. It would surely make my section of the blog alot more interesting.

My home away from home

This is my section of the POD we live in (eight of us). My bed is above me. My desk is my contico box. My bookshelf is made out of string, and all I do in this area is talk to Jules and the kids on my laptop. I could use some more space that's for sure!

1st Dinner on Leave

My wife and I switched camera cards while I was home on leave so she couldn't post this picture of my first night home at Milts. It was so nice to be eating American food again especially with my ever so beautiful bride. Man I am lucky!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finally, some nice weather

I had to take advantage of the nice weather today, who knows when the next time we get some sun will be. Tay wasn't sure what to think of the swing or grass.

Mya was just playing in the yard and I was swinging with Tay when I heard this scream for me to go help her, when I got to her, Mya's shoe had gotten stuck in the mud.

We had a good time and got to take Mya's jeep outside for a spin.... Lets just say she needs some practice steering. My camera battery died or I would have taken a picture of her driving for you Micah sorry.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Ballet

The other night, Kari Ann and I decided to go on a little date since we are both husbandless and take Mya and her cousin McKenna to dinner and the junior ballet. It was fun to see Mya's reaction to all of the pretty costumes and dancing. I didn't think she would sit through the whole thing, but she did. The ballet was Sleeping Beauty and you would think Mya would like the pretty faries or Aurora the best, but no, her favorite character was the witch. Everytime she would go off the stage, Mya would get mad and want to see her again.