Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!

Okay so I recently posted about how my laptop died, well......IT LIVES AGAIN! We decided to take it into Redrock Computers just to see if there was anything they could do and guess what ?? $70 later, I have my computer back. So much for stupid HP and the phone call where they told me my only option was to buy a new FIVE HUNDRED dollar harddrive. Anyway, I was just super happy and had to share my good news.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year. We started out with Micah's family and were so excited to see Tyler and Kari Ann who came from North Carolina. Mya loved seeing her cousins Braden and McKenna. Grandma and Grandpa up came from California. They are the sweetest grandparents ever and spoil the grandkids WAY WAY too much.

It was so much fun to see the kids Christmas morning. Tay loved all of his trucks and kept on saying "LOOOOK LOOOOK LOOOOOK at everything in the room that was new and exciting.

Now we are in good old Lyman visiting the other side of the fam. The boys have had a fun time playing basketball and Ice skating. I opted to stay home with Tay. I tend to be quite clumsy and a little uncoordinated well a lot uncoordinated at times and knowing my luck I would have landed kersplat on my big Buddha belly. I did however go clay pigeon shooting. Micah is a pretty good shot, I could use some practice.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

round three

Yesterday I went for a routine doctor appointment and it turns out I have to have ANOTHER ultrasound. When she measured me I was measuring really small for how far along I am. She didn't seem too concerned and said it could just be that the baby was laying sideways in my stomach but just to be sure the baby is growing on track, I have to have an ultrasound tomorrow.
I wouldn't think of it as a big deal, but because we are not finding out what we are having this time it is really a pain having to get so many ultrasounds. It was hard enough the first time not to look, then the second time not to look and now for the THIRD time. They are torturing me.
I am kind of tempted to know just because of the fact that Mya is 100,000,000% sure she is having a baby sister and if it comes out a boy she doesn't want it, she wants him to go to a different family. We have tried explaining to her that we don't know if it is a girl but she is insistent on having a sister because she already has a brother. We could be in for a major breakdown of the Mya Bizya if out pops a little boy!
Don't worry, I won't look, I have waited 30 weeks, I can wait 10 more..... Man I have amazing self control.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A sad day

Last year my wonderful grandparents bought me a laptop with a webcam for my birthday so that when Micah was in Iraq and I was traveling to my moms a lot we would be able to webcam each other. It has been a great computer and I have become quite attached to it.
until last night when I went to turn it on and nothing. This morning I called HP and I only had a 1 year warranty and I have had my computer for a year and a half so I am S-O-L. They ran me through steps only to confirm that my hard drive has crashed and that it would be $570 dollars to get a new one. Uhhh no thanks! I can buy a new one for around that price but it sure won't be anytime soon. At least Micah still has his laptop so I guess I will be okay.
I am really sad about all of the old pictures and some of the cool software I had on my old one but we will hopefully be able to get those off somehow.
Goodbye HP Pavilion, Sorry I ran you to the bone and you died on me...I will miss you. :(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First winter snow

The kids had a great time playing in the snow for the first time this year. Tay was having a blast until our wonderful dog took his feet out from under him causing him to do a face plant into the snow.
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Monday, December 8, 2008


On Saturday We took Mya and Tay to see Santa at Lins. Holy kids! The line was so long. We stood there for forty-five minutes, poor Micah with his eye watering and him feeling sick the whole time only for Mya to freak out when we got up to him. I picked her up and tried to sit her on his lap and let out this screaking scream because she was so scared. Little stinker! It would have been that big of a deal if we hadn't just spent an all that time waiting to see him, and of course when we walked out of the store she started crying becasue Santa won't know what to bring her now and she won't get any presents. Tay was scared but at least he sat on his lap long enough to get a picture.

Thursday night Micah went in to give Mya a hug and kiss goodnight. She was asleep and rolled over right when Micah leaned down and somehow her finger scratched his eyeball.
He came running out of the room saying honey, honey, come look at my eye! Mya scratched it. He was in a lot of pain but for some reason I got the giggles and could not stop laughing. He would pry his eye open with his fingers and have me look and see if I could tell what had happened but every time I tried to look I would start laughing.
For some reason the kids always hurt Micah. A while ago Tay smacked him in the nose with a sharp edge of this cake pan splitting his nose open. Once again, I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, back to the Mya incident, he got mad at me and told me to just go to bed if I wasn't going to stop laughing at him because he was in such pain.
He tried to go to bed that night but finally at 2 am he couldn't take it anymore. He had to drive himself to the ER. Turns out Mya had taken a chunk out of his eye. I felt so bad that I had laughed so hard at him. They gave him antibiotics and lortab but it just wasn't helping. He had to go in again on Saturday at 5 in the morning because his eye was swollen shut and was full of gunk. When they looked at it they found out it had flowered open and is now even bigger. He can't even see out of it, it is just all blurry and he still has to take pain pills.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Micah and I were suppose to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Lyman this year but at the last minute decided to take one last trip to California before I have the baby and it makes it that much harder to travel. My mom was really sweet to keep Tay for us while we went. We debated taking him but finally decided that he would have much more fun in Wayne County than riding in a car for seven hours then sitting in a stoller all day at Disneyland and getting drug around all over the place.
Mya was an angel all the way there and back. She had so much fun at Grandma and Grandpa Jerry's. Her favorite was their hot tub and feeding the ducks. She and Grandpa fed the ducks about every hour. They must have gained a lot of weight while she was visiting. She thought it was so fun. She didn't want to leave their house. She loved staying with them. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, We had a great time.
On Thanksgiving day we went to Micah's brother Kody and Nikki's and had dinner with them, Micah's sister Kaily and Robbie, and Nikki's sister and Robert. It was a full house but we had so much fun. The kids were good and Mya had so much fun playing with all of her girl cousins. Finally she got to play house and girl things with some girl cousins. I don't know how Nikki does it all with five little ones but her and Kaily pulled off an amazing dinner. It was delicious! Micah was sad that he had to miss out on my moms homemade rolls but somehow along with all of the other things Nikki had to get done, she made some yummy homemade rolls, Micah's favorite! After dinner we went down to the beach. Mya loved the water even though it was cold. She hada blast. They were so sweet to let us stay at their house even when they already had company staying with them.
On Friday we took Mya and her cousin Alex to Disneyland. I thought Mya would like it better than she did. She was scared of everything! When we went into It's A Small World she got so scared and wanted to get out. Then we went to Alice in Wonderland and she was crying by the end. We decided that all of the rides that were enclosed and dark she didn't like. Of course her favorite color pink was an issue as well. On every ride we had to get "the pink one" somehow we lucked out on all the rides but one. On the second round of the teacups, there wasn't a pink cup and she started crying and throwing a fit. This pink thing has got to stop.
We also went to a Lakers game while we were there. This is Micah's favorite thing to do. Micah's grandpa is so nice to let us use his season tickets! During the game they do fun little things with the crowd and put people on the big screen they have in the middle of the Arena. They do this thing called the kiss cam and whoever the camera lands on they have to kiss. It landed on Micah and I and it was pretty embarrassing to see yourself that big in front of thousands of people but it was fun. Micah loves his Lakers and it is so much fun getting to see all of the rich people and their cars that cost as much as three houses and getting to see the celebrities. This time we saw Howie Mandell, George Loepz and Andy Garcia who plays Terry Benedict on Ocean's 11.
It was such a fun trip. By the end of the week we were soo exhausted from all the fun things we got to do. Thanks everyone for letting us stay with you and making our trip so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the trip