Friday, October 31, 2008


I was so excited for Halloween this year because last year Micah was in Iraq and had to miss out on all the fun so it was great to have him with us this year.
Mya is a pink freak. She is OBSESSED with the color pink. It can be very annoying sometimes. My mom made her a really cute purple and gold cheerleader costume and she was excited to wear it.....until she saw a pink one at Walmart. Lets just say she wouldn't cooperate unless she had the pink one. Little stinker.
I had the hardest time getting the kids to pose for a picture. They would not hold still for two seconds so these are all I could get.
Micah wanted Tay and Mya to be something scary but there was no way little miss Mya be anything scary. She had to be wearing pink and be pretty.

Tay was suppose to be a dead punk rocker but he wouldn't hold still for the makeup so he just looks like he had a dirty face. He's still a little young for the whole face paint thing.

Halloween fun

Mya had a lot of fun with Taya and Braxtan the other day. I let them decorate sugar cookies and they must have been in a goofy mood because I just told them to look at the camera and they started pulling funny faces.
I don't know why this pic is sideways, It wouldn't upload right for some reason. I just thought it was cute to see how they decorated them. All of their cookies were completely covered in sprinkles and I'm sure they weren't the best tasting cookies ever. It was cute when I went to write Braxtan's name and he let me know that I could just start calling him Torres and that is what he wanted on his cookie. He was a good sport to hang out with two girly girls all morning. What cute kids!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cute pictures

Here are a couple cute pictures from the other day. Mya and Tay are so cute together. It's true when they say having two is easier that having one when it comes to keeping them entertained. Mya is a good big sister and they had so much fun pushing around this box. Why does it seem like kids like things that aren't suppose to be toys more than the toys go buy and they play with them for two seconds and then forget about them.
This one is of Mya and her cousin Harper. Beth and I decided we would take turns tending each others kids while the other one goes to the temple each month. I don't know why it's taken us this long to think of doing this, but it works out really good. I put the kids to bed at 8:00, their usual time and finally by 9:15 they fell asleep. I do have to admit that even though I went in a million times and told them to stop talking, it was soo cute to hear them chatting away about their day and what they were being for Halloween and who knows what else. They would start out whispering so I would think they were asleep but then they would forget they were suppose to be quiet and I would hear one of them burst out laughing. Pretty cute!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin festival

Last Saturday we took the kids to the Pumpkin Festival. It was nice to do something different for a change and Mya had a blast! It is so much fun when kids get old enough to really know what is going on when holidays roll around. She was able to decorate a cookie, go bowling with pumpkins, they had face painting, bobbing for donuts, and many more fun activities.
Cute little Mya and Tank in the corner...yes, he got to come too. I wanted to leave him home but he seemed to be a main attraction. We had to stop every second for someone to pet him. Dumb dog.
My boys. Tay really needs a haircut but we're holding out 'till after Halloween because he is going to a dead punk rocker and he needs some major spikes for it.
Tay didn't know what to think of the giant pumpkin. Mya of course wouldn't cooperate when we tried to sit her on one and take her picture.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tay boy and the Tankster

When I let MIcah get a dog I don't know what I was thinking. For all of you out there thinking about getting one, don't do it! j/k but if I could go back, I would say no way. Sometimes I forget we have a dog and not a pig. Why you ask? because he stinks like a pig, he snorts like a pig and he is slow and lazy like a pig. You know, come to think of it, I wish we had a pig instead. If we had a pig I would know that in the end there would be a reward for raising it. Lots of ham and bacon...I love bacon. Just kidding!! He is a good dog and the kids love him, but I'm just not a dog kind of person.

Tay and Tank are best buds. Tank if so good to let Tay ride him, pull on his face and wrestle him and is always very soft. Here are some pictures that I thought were cute of the two.

Tay's got him in a headlock
He doesn't seem to mind it when Tay pulls on his face

Tank is always biting Tay's toes so I guess Tay thought he would chew on his for once

Sunday, October 12, 2008


It was so much fun to watch my twin brothers Lance and Tyce play baseball this weekend in the state championship. I can't believe they are seniors and this was their last baseball game
:-( Time flies, I still remember them playing little league like it was yesterday. This was Wayne Highs 3rd consecutive state title. It is cool to see my little brothers take state from the time they were sophomores. Wayne has a winning streak of 51 consecutive games which is the second longest in the history of any Utah baseball team From their freshman to senior year, they had 75 wins and only 5 losses. Pretty impressive huh!
Way to go boys!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here are some pictures of our ultrasound from yesterday. Micah talked me into not finding out what we are having since we already have a boy and girl and have everything we will need. It is so hard not to know but at the same time I think it will make the delivery so much more exciting. Everyone else is dying to know. Beth tried getting the ultrasound lady to write it in an envelope and her and Tina would be the only ones to know, but I know I would try way to hard to get it out of her.

I thought I was over the hard part but no, the hospital called today and said the computer didn't save any of my ultrasound so they want me to come in tomorrow and do the whole ultrasound over again. Okay, are they trying to kill me?? It was hard enough the first time not to look so we will see how good I do tomorrow with not looking.
Here is a video of the baby kicking its foot above its head.
20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally painted

Micah and I have been wanting to paint for a long time now, and we finally buckled down and did it. We started when the kids went down for naps and hoped to get it done before they woke up. Luckily, they both slept for three hours and we had it finished and cleaned up by the time they woke up. We had a good time, we turned on conference and painted away. I am still getting use to it and can't decide if I like it, but I think it will grow on me. Paint always looks so different when it is actually on the wall and not just a little "card" that you get as a sample.
Here is the before and after of part of the kitchen. The color we got I think is called earth green. It looks a little different in a picture than it does in real life.
I didn't take a picture of this wall before it was painted, but I think it turned out really pretty with the white piano.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Don't even worry about it mom..."

Mya is getting to the point where she will very rarely take naps. With me being pregnant, if I don't have a nap during the day I am toast by 8:00. Sometimes I get lucky and Mya will fall asleep on the couch while watching a cartoon then I get to sleep too. Today I must have been really tired, I woke up to a blowing sound and found Mya with two colors of finger nail polish and all the way done painting her fingers and toes.
I ran over to her thinking I would find spilled fingernail polish all over my tile as she was saying
" Don't even worry about it mom, I'm getting bigger and older and can paint them by myself. See, aren't they just perfect?" She did do a pretty good job, her fingernails are purple and her toes are pink. She had found a sucker that she had waiting for her when she was done and said
" I got me this sucker for being soo very patient while I painted my fingers and toes. Would you like me to paint yours mom?"
I was just glad she was on the tile and had a dishtowel that she was sitting on while painting them because she is definitely not old enough to do it herself yet.