Thursday, March 25, 2010

Horrible end to a horrible day

You know those days, when from the moment you wake up and step out of bed, you just know you're in for a long one...the days when you don't feel good, the kids won't stop fighting and crying from the minute they wake up and you just hope the day goes by fast, that was me yesterday.

It was getting later on in the day, the clock reminding me I had to get dinner ready...yuck, what should I cook, I really don't want to do anything and wish we could eat cold cereal...hmmm, well, I have some leftover pot roast in the refrigerator, maybe I could come up with something out of using leftovers so it will be quick and easy...I have some biscuit mix, maybe I could throw that on top of the beef with a little cream of mushroom soup?? Sure, give it a try. Normally I just follow recipes and if I don't it's something I know will work...this concoction...not quite sure. It sounded gross from the get-go but I just wanted to get something cooked.

Well, lets just say I was right, the minute I pulled that disgusting thing out of the oven, I knew we would not be eating it...great, now I've just wasted time cooking and we still have to eat cold cereal, why didn't I just skip dinner. There is no rule that says I have to cook every night... Luckily I can laugh at myself and didn't take offense to when Micah came home and said "what is that? it looks and smells like someone threw up in a pan and cooked it" Yikes! haha, we had a good laugh about it, we tried feeding some to Gizmo the dog and even he wasn't a fan...
Lessons learned
- Laugh at your mistakes, don't take offense to things to easily
- When you try and be creative with food make sure you have a backup or better yet just follow a recipe unless you're a great chef
- When you don't feel up to cooking dinner or know what to make, skip the concoction and stick with the cold cereal, or better yet take-out!