Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been tagged

So I have been tagged by Robyn and Ginger. I will start with this tag and hopefully make it to the other one sometime soon.

1-Of course my family
2-When Micah and I get to have date night
3-food! I love food! It makes me happy

1-Something bad happening to my Family
2-I am TERRIFIED of spiders, bugs, worms, and any other
disgusting creepy crawlers
3-Someone breaking in our house at night (although not as scary now that Micah is home)

1-Clean out my freezer (I have a turkey from UPS from two years ago. I'm sure it is very very dry)
2-Learn how to make good homemade rolls and bread (Micah's favorite)
3-Read more, watch TV less

Current obsession/collections
1- After many many people referring the Twilight books I am finally hooked
2-I can't wait for Christmas so I can decorate. I'm obsessed with buying cute ornaments for the tree (I got the cutest ones from Costco the other day)
3-I'm obsessed with the the Food Network channel for some reason. I could watch it all day and never get bored.

I tag Sarah, Pam and Reagan

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is our four year anniversary! I can't believe how fast time goes by. Last year we were apart for our anniversary with Micah being in Iraq so it is like celebrating two anniversaries this year. I am so glad Micah is back now and I get to be with him today. Last year was long and hard but definitely made our marriage stronger and made us realize how important we are to each other. I am so lucky to have such a sweet husband.

Here are a few pictures of our wedding day. They are the only ones I have that are on the computer.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kokapelli Triathlon

This weekend Micah participated in his first triathlon. It was at Sand Hollow. I went down and watched him with the kids. He did really good! He took ninth place in his age category out of 60 plus people and 55th overall out of over 600 people.
I wish I could have gotten better pictures but that is as good as I could do. I tried to run to each station and get a picture of him starting each event but with kids it kind of didn't happen. I didn't get one of him starting on the bike.
Here is a picture of him getting done swimming and on his way to the bike ride
This is him just getting done on the bike and taking off on the run
Right after the race. He did it! I was impressed that he did so well for not training very much and this being his first one.


We had so much fun last week with Micah's parents at this restaurant called Ninja. It is a Japanese stake house where they cook in front of you and make it a very fun atmosphere. We decided to just take Mya because Tay and restaurants just don't mix very well. She loved it! It was fun to see her cute reaction to everything. She got a little scared when he lit a fire but other than that she was laughing and clapping and entertained the whole time. She was good at using chopsticks. It was funny because she wanted to eat her whole meal using them and would not use her fork. She was pretty good at it. The only bad thing about her having wooden chopsticks is that she has this habit of chewing on everything and while she was watching them cook she would gnaw on the end of them so by the time we were done eating she had chewed them to pieces to the point that she got chunks of wood in her mouth. Crazy girl. Thanks for watching Tay Beth, You'll have to take Harper and we will watch Lincoln.

Our little creature

Micah went hunting and brought home a huge horny toad for the kids. Mya was so excited about her new "pet" but they were both a little scared, probably because I wouldn't let them get it out unless dad was home. Micah thinks I make Mya afraid of all creatures, which is probably true because I don't like them. They were glad when dad got home so they could actually touch it and get it out. Mya was a little scared at first but after a while she wouldn't leave the poor thing alone. After a couple days we started to feel bad for it and we let Mya carry it in the rhino and let it go.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our New Rhino!!!!!!

We have been non-stop rhino riding for the past three days now and Mya and Tay still don't want to get out. We go everywhere together on it; Grandma and Grampa's, Friends, trails all over town, sand dunes, mountains, and even dinner. Even Julie asks me to take her for rides multiple times a day. Thanks to Tony and Rachel who convinced us to get one, we have loved every minute of it!!!!