Sunday, June 28, 2009


It's official, Tay is 100% obsessed with four wheelers. We went to the Carter's cabin yesterday and this is where Tay was the ENTIRE time. We would all be eating or sitting by the fire and look around and little Tay would never be there, but we knew right where to find him. He would get off the four wheeler to come grab a snack then get right back on and hang out until someone was kind enough to take him for a ride. It was pretty cute.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Last weekend we went to California to visit Micah's sister Kaily and Robbie. We had some much needed dental work to get done and Robbie was nice enough to work on us. I really really HATE the dentist, I think I would rather have a baby, but Rob was awesome. He did such a good job and we are so lucky to have an amazing dentist in the family. Thanks so much Rob!
When we got there we loaded up the kids to go to the water park but when we arrived it was closed because of some Huck Fin festival, no big deal, so we drive over to a different pool, pull up and that one has a sign that says, closed due to electric shock warning. So, we tell the kids we will just go to the park instead and play and not to worry because we are going to the beach tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, it is a beautiful sunny day, the forecast for Newport beach is suppose to be sunny, the kids get their shovels and swimsuits on and we head for the beach. We get there and it is all grey and raining. No beach.
I don't know why, but for some reason we were not suppose to get in the water on this trip. This drinking fountain was the only water they got to play in. They just splashed each other with it and had a grand ol' time, they didn't care. Kids are so good to just go with whatever. It was pretty funny.

We did go to the Crab Cooker while we were in Newport, it is one of their favorite restaurants. I have to say I was very proud of myself, I 100% hate seafood mostly because of the taste but I also hate how it looks, I am very afraid of creepy crawlers and all of that shrimp and crab and lobster just looks like GIANT bugs to me! It really freaks me out. Anyway, we had crab and I ate some, yay. I couldn't shell it or touch the disgusting claws or even look at them, but I did eat more than I thought I would. Thanks for a fun time guys and letting us stay with you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saving money

I had to post an update about the whole coupon thing. I thought that at first it would be a pain to use coupons but it really isn't bad and doesn't take that much time. After you check out you just hand them a big stack and they scan them all through. It's pretty fast.
I am pretty excited about my savings. All of this food originally cost $34.00 but after it being on sale and me having a coupon on top of that I got it all for $9.60!

I got six boxes of cereal for $3.20!, the salad dressing was only 15 cents a bottle, each chex mix was 40 cents... anyway, I was happy to see it really is worth it. Waahh Whoooo! I actually get kind of excited to go grocery shopping for the first time ever.