Saturday, December 29, 2007

California Trip

While Micah was on leave, we had a chance to go on a little vacation to California. It was my first time ever flying which was fun but the plane we were on was so small, that I felt a little claustrophobic. Other than that it wasn't to bad.

When we got there Micah's grandpa spoiled us. He got us the Presidential suite which was so much fun. It was so big it even had a full dining table and kitchen.

We decided to go to the posh area so we went to Beverly Hills to Rodeo drive. It was fun watching all of the rich people and seeing all of the cars that cost more than our house. That life is definitely not for me though. I almost got tackled by security in the Louis Vuitton store. I picked up a hand bag and I guess you are not suppose to touch them. They have to do it for you, my bad.

After we had walked through all of the stores, we went to a restaurant where one steak without any sides or drink cost $50 It was fun but definitely not my style. All I wanted was a simple salad with ranch and some bbq sauce for my steak, and the server looked at me like I was crazy. They didn't serve that there. I will stick to the small town food thank you very much.

Micah's grandpa gets season tickets to the Lakers so he took us to a game. It was so much fun sitting in the vip section. Thanks Grandpa for spoiling us!!! We had a blast!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My new babysitter

After a long day of Tay being a stinker and not letting me put him down or get anything done, I decided to give in and give him his first taste of sugar. Lets just say it was a great babysitter. He sat there for a half hour until he had eaten a whole piece of licorice. It was very sticky and messy to clean up but definitely worth all the mess. He was in heaven!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Where are you Micah??

Well, I guess my countdown for Micah to come home is not right. I really don't know when he will be here. I just need to vent so don't mind my negativeness. Last I heard he was going to be leaving today some time but I am not getting my hopes up. In the last three days the army, which I love soo much, has changed his leaving day five times. first is was Thursday, then Wed, then Friday then Thursday, then Friday ohh how annoying. I feel bad for him because he just has to be ready whenever they tell him too. On Thursday they woke him up and told him to be ready in an hour, well seven hours later of sitting around, they said it wasn't happening. I am soo bugged because the army is always such a mess with no order ahh! Like when he got deployed and didn't even had his military orders until AFTER he left (anyway, that is a whole other story) I hope he is safe and on his way here! I guess I will just have my phone by me and hope I get a phone call. It's hard not being able to pick up the phone and say where are you? Man I will be glad when he is done with this ((rubish) as he would say)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa Land

The other day I took Mya to Santa land and she had a blast. It was so fun seeing her reaction to all of the pretty trees and fun decorations they had.

While we were there, we met up with her cousin McKenna. They had a blast. If was fun seeing them holding hands and get so excited at every new display they saw. They loved the princess's and had to have a picture with them

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh the joys of Sundays :)

Before Micah was gone my favorite day of the week was Sunday. Relaxing, Micah is home all day, and the day goes by slow and is so peaceful, well, that has all changed. Sunday is officially my least favorite day of the week. Now all of the things I loved have turned into the things I wish would go away. Sundays are full of too much time and quietness now.
We had a great time in church today. I take an extra pair of Mya's underwear in my bag just in case she has an accident and today I should have left them home. Mya put her little hand in the bag and I was just waiting to see what toy she was going to pull out but no, she needed her underwear. I tried to grab it but it was too late. Mya and I were having a tug-a-war with a pair of pink underwear. After all of the " No these are my underwear" that Mya was yelling over and over, she won the fight How embarrassing! the people behind us got a good show though, they were laughing and everyone was looking at us. My face was bright red. But it didn't stop there. After she won the war, she preceded to put them on her face saying "I love my underwear" and every time I would try and grab them she would run away. Keep in mind I was holding Tay while all of this was going on. Lets just say church was extra long today. Did I mention how much I love Sundays?