Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our story

Once upon a time at the collegiate university named SUU there was a boy named Micah Christopher and a girl named Julie Anna who were furthering their education and happened to lock eyes one day during their travels to and from classes and while working on their physiques at the local gymnasium.
They both had eyes for each other but there was a problem. They were both pursuing someone else so how could they ever really cross paths. Then one night at the SUU ball, Micah Christopher asked Julie Anna to dance but Julie Anna was leaving the ball and had to kindly decline the offer, well this was a sign to Micah Christopher that we was indeed suppose to be with the other young lady he was pursuing. Little did he know that Julie Anna was at her college apartment talking to her roommates about the cute boy she had had her eye on and just had to see him again.
Later that week Julie Anna saw him at the gym and apologized for not dancing with him. They decided to go on a date, and ended things with the previous people they were dating and the rest as they say is history.
They later got married, had three kids and live happily ever after.

Today we celebrated our five year anniversary. Time flies! Micah is so sweet and cleaned the house today while I took Mya to school and ran errands then took me to a wonderful dinner. He is the BEST husband a girl could ask for!! (Mya took this picture of us today so it is a little blurry)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So this morning Mya was watching something on PBS, I like having her watch cartoons on that channel because there is actually learning involved in most of their kid programming.
Anyway, I learned while cleaning the kitchen that there are 40,000!!! known species of spiders in the world!!! Say what?! really?? FOURTY THOUSAND DIFFERENT SPECIES!! The thought of this really makes my skin crawl... I knew there were a LOT, but really??? Does there seriously need to be that many different type of disgusting eight legged creatures crawling around out there. Oh and to think that doesn't include insects and bugs of all different types. Eww! (I hope I never find out how many of those there are) I really need therapy huh!