Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snow Bird

Once again we were out of town for the weekend thanks to the army. We have been gone every weekend for a month straight. This time it was up at Snow Bird. It was really pretty, I've never been there before. We had to go to a few seminars on what to expect now that the soldier is home. It was pretty boring because we have heard everything they told us before. Can't complain about a free hotel and food for two nights though.

The view

Texas Roadhouse

Micah was a good sport when everyone surprised him by saying it was his birthday
When Micah was in Iraq these were the guys who kept each other sane. They were practically the only LDS guys there. The two in the middle are from salina and had just received their mission calls when they got called to Iraq. Micah did a good job keeping them headed in the right direction while they were there because there wasn't much "good" going on around them everyday. On Sunday we went to their farewells. Rob on the end was Micah's "best friend" (I don't know the guy term for best friend) while he was over there. They shared a pod together. He is hilarious.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Mya cracks me up so much latey. She is so cute especially towards Tay. She talks to him in a high voice and is quite the little mother and very protective of him. I can't wait for her to have a new baby to take "care"of. One of my favorite things about her is that she is always making up songs and singing everywhere she goes. She also talks to all of her toys in a motherly voice. She has a bunch of care bears that she treats like her babies, she gets pillows ready for them at night and they sleep with her on her bed and take up most of the room, she is always right on the edge about to fall off. It is so cute to just listen to her play in her room because she talks to herself saying the cutest things.
Here is a pic of her getting all dressed up and in her own little world. After I took the picture she had to look at it and said, "I know Grandma and Daddy will love this picture, can we take it and show her?" (Don't ask me what she is wearing, that's Mya for you.) She comes up to me and says, "Why, hello my lady" and "thank you my mam" She puts on shows and always starts out by saying "Ladies and gentleladies Introducing next on the Disney channel" She reminds me of me so much but the defining moment when I knew she was a little mini me, a drama queen, was when I was combing her hair and she looked in the mirror and started talking to herself as being another person in the mirror. I use to do that when I was little too. Just ask Beth and Tina.

Mya sometimes lacks the ability to focus on something for more than two minutes. In this video she told me to record her singing Mary Had A Little Lamb and she got a little distracted. She decided she better clean the sink instead of sing. In the end she forgets what song she was singing to begin with and starts singing three little speckled frogs instead.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our friends were watching some of their friends kids while they were on vacation for a couple weeks and they got to stay at the couple's house and invited us over for some swimming! It was so much fun. They had an indoor swimming pool that was so awesome. It had an indoor grill and a hot tub. it makes me want one in my house someday (I wish)

Here is Micah "diving" into the pool, the pics are kind of dark.
They had a bridge going over the pool. It was sooo pretty!

Here is a video of Micah swinging on the rope they had. Sorry it is sideways. I was holding the camera longways and I guess videos can't be taken that way.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Park City

We had a chance to go up to Park City last weekend thanks to the Army. After the soldiers get back from Iraq they put together a marriage seminar for the couples in hopes that they can help save any marriages that have been affected because of the deployment and being apart. Well, good to say, we are doing fine, so for us it was more a weekend get away. We stayed at the Yarrow resort where the army paid for our rooms for two nights and had our breakfast and lunch provided for us. After the seminars we had a chance to go to the Olympic park and ride the zip lines and Alpine slide. I love Park City, it is so pretty. We had a great time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tay and Tank playing together

In the summertime Tay lives outside. All I have to do is keep the screen door open and he will play out there all day. The other day I could hear Tay screaming and laughing hysterically and when I went out I saw Tay and Tank playing together. I was a little late getting the video of it so Tay isn't laughing as much as he was at first, but I thought it was pretty cute.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Okay... first of all, I want everyone to look at the time at which I posted this. (It says two but I must have it set in the wrong time zone) It is 3 AM Alright now, why you are asking am I up at THREE AM???? Well I get the pleasure of experiencing no sleep thanks to blasted non stop absurd did i mention NON STOP BARKING DOGS?!?!?!? I am sick of laying here trying to keep my eyes closed hoping somehow someway I can just go back to sleep. I could be dreaming the night away, while visions of sugar plums dance through my head, BUT..... NO, instead I get to listen to repetitive barking over and over for what has been at least two dreadful hours and who knows how much longer it will go on. Come on now, do the owners of these mangy dogs just somehow sleep like logs and seriously can't hear how their dogs are keeping people up at all hours of the night? I am tempted to go start playing loud music, banging pans, riding a 4wheeler.... oh, I could go on and on and try and make them WAKE UP and SHUT UP their DANG DOGS! I mean yes I know dogs bark, that is fine but what is not fine it when they bark all hours of the night. In case the owners of the dogs were wondering, there are things you can buy to stop this atrocity. First, maybe a shock collar, second, maybe a muzzle, third... Oh I don't know maybe you could open the door and YELL at the dang things, and last, well....I won't say the last one but someone might be thinking it and do it if this keeps up! Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, they are still barking. GRRRRRRRRR!
Well, I guess I will go back to tossing and turning some more and hope the dogs will decide to go to sleep or something else happens to it to make them stop. I wish I had some ear plugs or was a sound sleeper right about now.
Oh and another thing that is just not right that I just saw on yahoo, is that People magazine reportedly spent $14 MILLION for the first pics of Brad and Angelina Jolie's babies. Come on now people that money could be spent helping out starving kids in Africa or saving the whales or something.
Yes, the dogs are STILL barking, and it is now 3:38 AM