Thursday, March 25, 2010

Horrible end to a horrible day

You know those days, when from the moment you wake up and step out of bed, you just know you're in for a long one...the days when you don't feel good, the kids won't stop fighting and crying from the minute they wake up and you just hope the day goes by fast, that was me yesterday.

It was getting later on in the day, the clock reminding me I had to get dinner ready...yuck, what should I cook, I really don't want to do anything and wish we could eat cold cereal...hmmm, well, I have some leftover pot roast in the refrigerator, maybe I could come up with something out of using leftovers so it will be quick and easy...I have some biscuit mix, maybe I could throw that on top of the beef with a little cream of mushroom soup?? Sure, give it a try. Normally I just follow recipes and if I don't it's something I know will work...this concoction...not quite sure. It sounded gross from the get-go but I just wanted to get something cooked.

Well, lets just say I was right, the minute I pulled that disgusting thing out of the oven, I knew we would not be eating it...great, now I've just wasted time cooking and we still have to eat cold cereal, why didn't I just skip dinner. There is no rule that says I have to cook every night... Luckily I can laugh at myself and didn't take offense to when Micah came home and said "what is that? it looks and smells like someone threw up in a pan and cooked it" Yikes! haha, we had a good laugh about it, we tried feeding some to Gizmo the dog and even he wasn't a fan...
Lessons learned
- Laugh at your mistakes, don't take offense to things to easily
- When you try and be creative with food make sure you have a backup or better yet just follow a recipe unless you're a great chef
- When you don't feel up to cooking dinner or know what to make, skip the concoction and stick with the cold cereal, or better yet take-out!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kid update

Wow, my kids have been cracking me up lately! It seems like everyday they do and say something worth remembering so I guess I better blog it :)

We got a new Mac and while Micah was putting it together Mya ran into me so excited and said "MOM come see you new i mac, It is SOO ELEGANT!" I usually hear her in her room or something and she will say random long made up words and I will ask her what they mean and she will have a full definition for me as to what it is referring to.

"mom, I don't want the skin (crust) on my bread"

She had her cousins over and I heard her in a not so quiet voice in the other room "HURRY, BEFORE MY MOM COMES!" they were up to no good, and thankfully she warned me by her not so suave move and loud mouth j/k

You never realize how much kids watch and listen to you what you say, I think it is so funny when I hear Mya telling Tay "Tay, if you would just move and give me some peace and quiet for a moment I can find your shoe"

Little Tay is turning into such a little boy/stinker! he is always wanting to wrestle or fight and always wants his "shoot gun" to kill the bad guys.
The other day I gave him a bowl of ice cream and looked over to see him blowing on his ice cream cause it was to cold...guess he still needs to learn that only works with food that's too cracked me up.

Little Lexie is almost ONE on Feb 27th, I honestly can't believe it, she is still so little and so stinkin cute..we can't get enough of our little bug, she always has a smile, I hardly even know she is there half the time, just crawling around doing her own little thing. She loves to dance too! Mya will turn on her ipod in her room and Lexie will stop whatever she is playing with and get on her little hands and knees and head for Mya's room so she can is so cute!
I am so glad she has such a fun sweet personality, I love it!
I was a little nervous because both Tay and Mya had a bunch of teeth by her age and just last week Lexie cut her FIRST tooth, but, that doesn't stop her from eating chicken nuggets and what we are eating..she's so over baby food, little stinker. If she doesn't want what I give her like green beans she will pick them up one at a time and throw as hard as she can until every last bean is off of her tray, she's kinda spunky :)