Monday, January 7, 2008

I want pink Truck

Every time Mya talks on the phone to her dad, she for some reason asks him to bring her home a pink truck when he comes. When he came for Christmas she got her wish. It is the closest he could find and she loves it. She is not a very good driver though, and with it being so cold outside she just drives it back and forth in the house. She doesn't watch where she is going, just pushes on the gas and drives until she rams into the wall and almost gets whiplash, then puts it in reverse and doesn't turn around to see where she is going or anything and does the same until she hits the other wall. oh, what fun! It is really cute it has a real radio and little seat belts, and doors that open. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but me inheriting my mothers genes, I am able to get in and drive her around it's quite fun. She can't wait to take it outside and take her cousins Harper and Nathan, and our neighbor Dre for a ride.


Crystal and Austin said...

Julie! Donde estas? I'm guessing you are at home with the folks. I'm so sorry Micah had to leave again. Dre and Fin both have pink eye and colds so we wouldn't be able to hang out if you were here anyway. I want to hear all about all the fun you guys had while Micah was home. Hope your Christmas and New Years were fun. Talk to you soon!


Tiffany Carter said...

I love that she is daddy's little princess! That is so cute! I love that you can get in the car with her!!