Monday, January 7, 2008


Mya had fun playing in the snow with her cousin TJ and her Uncle Ted. She reminded me of the boy on the Christmas story. She was so bundled up she could barely even walk or put her arms down. I don't like the cold or snow or sledding and I think it's because I was always freezing the whole time I was outside so I just wanted to make sure Mya was warm enough so that she would enjoy it.

Small town sledding is the best, the roads don't get plowed and there are hardly any cars so you can just walk out the front door and you are good to go.

Mya liked just sitting on the four wheeler more than sledding. She was so excited to see a four wheeler that looked like her daddy's "yellow"


Tiffany Carter said...

that's one of the things I actually liked about the summer. Remember my dad pulling us around at horse valley in the fields?? so fun! I'm glad you are enjoying it though! I'm sure Ted loves it!

Sarah Bogh said...

Hey Julie, thanks for leaving comments on my blog i am glad you and your sisters have them too so now we can snoop at each others lives. :) i always ask my mom how you are doing and if you are in lyman so now i can check this for an update i guess. your kids are so cute! when i think about having a boy next i think of you because you did the whole girl first boy second thing too, how is it? just kidding i'm sure its great. i hope micah is doing good, if you ever need a vacation you all can come down to viva vegas and visit, we'll welcome you...maybe it will warm up soon too! that would be good! maybe we'll see you in Lyman, michael is coming home so his homecoming meeting will be the tenth of february i think so we'll be there. later!