Tuesday, January 29, 2008

silly putty

The other day I was at Walmart trying to find a new toy for Mya that would keep her entertained and quiet at church. After a while of walking up and down the isles, looking at all of the toys, which were all over priced, I found a winner. Silly putty, the cheapest toy around. Which is much better than play dough, not as messy but just as fun, and you can take it anywhere. I would highly recommend it to all mothers. Mya and her cousins have played with it for hours. Its was the best two dollars I've ever spent.


Tina said...

Yeah I guess I'll have to get some silly putty for Nathan. So what crazy things have Mya and Harper been up to? By the way your new page looks good.

The Askeroth Family said...

Hey Julie it was great to hear from you! It's crazy to find out how many other people have blogs. Your little ones are darling! I hope you're doing well!