Saturday, December 29, 2007

California Trip

While Micah was on leave, we had a chance to go on a little vacation to California. It was my first time ever flying which was fun but the plane we were on was so small, that I felt a little claustrophobic. Other than that it wasn't to bad.

When we got there Micah's grandpa spoiled us. He got us the Presidential suite which was so much fun. It was so big it even had a full dining table and kitchen.

We decided to go to the posh area so we went to Beverly Hills to Rodeo drive. It was fun watching all of the rich people and seeing all of the cars that cost more than our house. That life is definitely not for me though. I almost got tackled by security in the Louis Vuitton store. I picked up a hand bag and I guess you are not suppose to touch them. They have to do it for you, my bad.

After we had walked through all of the stores, we went to a restaurant where one steak without any sides or drink cost $50 It was fun but definitely not my style. All I wanted was a simple salad with ranch and some bbq sauce for my steak, and the server looked at me like I was crazy. They didn't serve that there. I will stick to the small town food thank you very much.

Micah's grandpa gets season tickets to the Lakers so he took us to a game. It was so much fun sitting in the vip section. Thanks Grandpa for spoiling us!!! We had a blast!

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