Friday, December 14, 2007

Where are you Micah??

Well, I guess my countdown for Micah to come home is not right. I really don't know when he will be here. I just need to vent so don't mind my negativeness. Last I heard he was going to be leaving today some time but I am not getting my hopes up. In the last three days the army, which I love soo much, has changed his leaving day five times. first is was Thursday, then Wed, then Friday then Thursday, then Friday ohh how annoying. I feel bad for him because he just has to be ready whenever they tell him too. On Thursday they woke him up and told him to be ready in an hour, well seven hours later of sitting around, they said it wasn't happening. I am soo bugged because the army is always such a mess with no order ahh! Like when he got deployed and didn't even had his military orders until AFTER he left (anyway, that is a whole other story) I hope he is safe and on his way here! I guess I will just have my phone by me and hope I get a phone call. It's hard not being able to pick up the phone and say where are you? Man I will be glad when he is done with this ((rubish) as he would say)

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Tiffany Carter said...

I'm so sorry! I'm AM so glad for you that he gets to come home for a little bit! I'm definitely NOT a fan of not knowing what's going on... can't imagine! but I love ya! Have a merry Christmas (when he gets home!)