Sunday, December 2, 2007

Oh the joys of Sundays :)

Before Micah was gone my favorite day of the week was Sunday. Relaxing, Micah is home all day, and the day goes by slow and is so peaceful, well, that has all changed. Sunday is officially my least favorite day of the week. Now all of the things I loved have turned into the things I wish would go away. Sundays are full of too much time and quietness now.
We had a great time in church today. I take an extra pair of Mya's underwear in my bag just in case she has an accident and today I should have left them home. Mya put her little hand in the bag and I was just waiting to see what toy she was going to pull out but no, she needed her underwear. I tried to grab it but it was too late. Mya and I were having a tug-a-war with a pair of pink underwear. After all of the " No these are my underwear" that Mya was yelling over and over, she won the fight How embarrassing! the people behind us got a good show though, they were laughing and everyone was looking at us. My face was bright red. But it didn't stop there. After she won the war, she preceded to put them on her face saying "I love my underwear" and every time I would try and grab them she would run away. Keep in mind I was holding Tay while all of this was going on. Lets just say church was extra long today. Did I mention how much I love Sundays?

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Tiffany Carter said...

haha!! SO FUNNY! You are such a good mom! I would have left! haha!