Saturday, May 9, 2009

St. George Triathlon

Today we went down to Sand Hollow for the triathlon. Even though I didn't compete, I sure feel like I did. In fact, I think I would be less tired if I did race. That way I wouldn't have had to haul the kids and all our junk around all day. I am exhausted.
Maybe one of these days I will get into racing, but then again maybe not. I'm not the most athletically talented person. For some odd reason not that I blame my mother for inheriting her athletic genes that she doesn't have or anything, me and athletic equipment don't mesh.
Lets take a little trip down memory lane shall we.
1- Middle school, tried to catch a softball and instead of the ball going into the mitt next thing I know I am crinkled in a little ball on the field with blood spewing out of my nose and a girl in my class saying "EEWWW, I'm going to throw up." I remember it quite vividly. I looked real cute with a broken nose and two big black eyes let me tell you
2- Middle school as well, one of the many dreaded school ski trips, all of my friends are going over a microscopic pile of snow and I try to go over it and of course somehow I manage to eat it and give myself a bloody lip not to mention I never ever made it down the bunny hills...yes I said bunny hills without my skis getting tangled me flying face first into the snow, and my goggles and hat flying off or not being able to ski straight and going off course running into a tree. Yep that's me.
Oh and I got cut from the volleyball team in high school too But don't feel too bad for me, I didn't really care about that one.
Soo, I just know that if I were to get on a bike going 25 mph I am most certain that it would end in tragedy, enough said.
Anyway, Micah, his brother Kody and Kody's wife Nicole all signed up for the St. George Triathlon relay. Kody was going to swim, Micah bike and Nikki run, but when they got down there this morning it was too windy for the swim so they canceled the swim portion and made the swimmer run at the last minute. I felt bad for all of the athletes who had trained and then were told they had to run then bike then run again. Anyway, Kody did a good job running at the last minute. Their team took 2nd place! My friend Rachel also did her first sprint triathlon and finished 3rd in her age group. Way to go guys


KA said...

We are so proud of Team Young (aka The Lakers Lovers)! Congratulations.
Just wait Julie...I just graduated from backwards bike breaks on Saturday and now Ty's ready to see me on a tri-bike. It sneaks up on you.

The Colemans said...

I want you to know that you brought back fond memories of sking when I read this post. All I can see is your bright pink sweat pants going off into the trees, ski's wedged the whole way. I am at work and I let out a chuckle.

Nate and Suzanne said...

I second Megan on that I really started laughing.... That was so classic and you were so mad after and we couldn't help but laugh.... I think that you went in the lodge the rest of the time right.... I admit that I was not a great skier either I really actually hate everything about it and plan on never doing it again.....