Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coupon Class

I have always been the type that doesn't take advantage of all of the free coupons and deals when grocery shopping and always think it is a pain to try and get good deals,but yesterday I decided to just see what it was all about and if you really could save.
I went to Albertsons and only bought food that was on sale that week. They had meat buy one get one free and a lot of items 10 for $10. I didn't even use any coupons that you have to cut out and take with you, and when I was done checking out, I was so excited because I got $260 worth of groceries for $150. My total savings was $110! I know if I would have taken coupons on top of the already discounted store prices I could have saved more. My neighbor Heather went the other day and saved way more than she spent. She got $100 worth of groceries for $25.
Anyway, I am going to have a coupon class to learn how to save as much as possible, taught by Heather Petersen and Mandy El Halta, so if any of you Cedar Citians want to come I am thinking probably next Wed. the 27th so just leave your email and I will let you know the exact date and time.


Nate and Suzanne said...

I need a lesson I am not very good at saving money and I never use coupons..... Let me in on the secrets.... said...

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Suz said...

I have a website as well about being frugal and saving money. Hope you'll stop by sometime.