Friday, May 22, 2009

It's A Miracle

Mya has finally decided she wanted to learn how to ride her bike! We got it for her for Christmas and we would ask her all the time to try and ride it and every time she got on she would cry and scream bloody murder the whole time until one day she wouldn't even look at her bike anymore. She wanted nothing to do with it, until we went to my mom's. I wrote out a check without anyones name on it and stuck it on the fridge and whoever could get her to ride a bike got the check. Ted and Pam got her to ride TJ's by putting balloons on the handle bars, letting her wear elbow and knee pads, a helmet and gloves. They got her to actually get on without screaming the whole time. (looks like you get to cash the check Ted, because you guys got her to do it!) Then the other day at home she decided she wanted to try again and has become a pro.
Yesterday she rode to her friends house and it was so cute. She is growing so fast!


KA said...

Is that riding without training wheels? Impressive.

carter fam said...

nice work! way to go Mya! :-)