Monday, September 22, 2008

Our little creature

Micah went hunting and brought home a huge horny toad for the kids. Mya was so excited about her new "pet" but they were both a little scared, probably because I wouldn't let them get it out unless dad was home. Micah thinks I make Mya afraid of all creatures, which is probably true because I don't like them. They were glad when dad got home so they could actually touch it and get it out. Mya was a little scared at first but after a while she wouldn't leave the poor thing alone. After a couple days we started to feel bad for it and we let Mya carry it in the rhino and let it go.


Tiffany Carter said...

You? Scared of creatures? Passed down from my favorite Aunt for sure! haha!! So funny!

Andrea said...

I'm also afraid of creatures. Poor Zoie doesn't stand a chance. I hope Jonas doesn't get my phobia too.

Beth said...

Just let them both hang out with Harper a little more and he'll cure them of their fear!