Monday, September 22, 2008

Kokapelli Triathlon

This weekend Micah participated in his first triathlon. It was at Sand Hollow. I went down and watched him with the kids. He did really good! He took ninth place in his age category out of 60 plus people and 55th overall out of over 600 people.
I wish I could have gotten better pictures but that is as good as I could do. I tried to run to each station and get a picture of him starting each event but with kids it kind of didn't happen. I didn't get one of him starting on the bike.
Here is a picture of him getting done swimming and on his way to the bike ride
This is him just getting done on the bike and taking off on the run
Right after the race. He did it! I was impressed that he did so well for not training very much and this being his first one.


Kari Ann said...

This is all Tyler has been talking about all weekend. He is so proud of his brother, and can't wait to brush the dust off of his over-priced racing bike and have something to train for (other than ruck marches). Congratulations Micah!

Tina said...

Way to go Micah! That's way cool! That Ninja place looks really fun. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'm making Nathan scared of creatures and bugs too. The other day there were some big bugs outside our front door and of course I was scared, so now everytime we go out the door Nathan acts scared and shudders and looks in that place for the bugs. It's pretty funny! Anyway it was good to see an update and see pictures. We miss you guys!

Andrea said...

Very cool!

Glad to have you posting again. I've missed you guys. :)