Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been tagged

So I have been tagged by Robyn and Ginger. I will start with this tag and hopefully make it to the other one sometime soon.

1-Of course my family
2-When Micah and I get to have date night
3-food! I love food! It makes me happy

1-Something bad happening to my Family
2-I am TERRIFIED of spiders, bugs, worms, and any other
disgusting creepy crawlers
3-Someone breaking in our house at night (although not as scary now that Micah is home)

1-Clean out my freezer (I have a turkey from UPS from two years ago. I'm sure it is very very dry)
2-Learn how to make good homemade rolls and bread (Micah's favorite)
3-Read more, watch TV less

Current obsession/collections
1- After many many people referring the Twilight books I am finally hooked
2-I can't wait for Christmas so I can decorate. I'm obsessed with buying cute ornaments for the tree (I got the cutest ones from Costco the other day)
3-I'm obsessed with the the Food Network channel for some reason. I could watch it all day and never get bored.

I tag Sarah, Pam and Reagan

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