Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Snow Bird

Once again we were out of town for the weekend thanks to the army. We have been gone every weekend for a month straight. This time it was up at Snow Bird. It was really pretty, I've never been there before. We had to go to a few seminars on what to expect now that the soldier is home. It was pretty boring because we have heard everything they told us before. Can't complain about a free hotel and food for two nights though.

The view

Texas Roadhouse

Micah was a good sport when everyone surprised him by saying it was his birthday
When Micah was in Iraq these were the guys who kept each other sane. They were practically the only LDS guys there. The two in the middle are from salina and had just received their mission calls when they got called to Iraq. Micah did a good job keeping them headed in the right direction while they were there because there wasn't much "good" going on around them everyday. On Sunday we went to their farewells. Rob on the end was Micah's "best friend" (I don't know the guy term for best friend) while he was over there. They shared a pod together. He is hilarious.


Andrea said...

Glad you guys are getting to spend fun time together (even if there are some boring meetings). :)

ginger said...

Good times! I don't know about hilarious, but if you say so! You two definitely had us laughing, we've been talking about when we are gonna hang out again?!

Paige said...

I ran into your blog.. Random I know but that was a fun night! It was good to meet you guys and I am glad that Levi had those guys to help him out. I know he really appreciated it and learned a lot from Micah! PS Your family is so cute!!