Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our friends were watching some of their friends kids while they were on vacation for a couple weeks and they got to stay at the couple's house and invited us over for some swimming! It was so much fun. They had an indoor swimming pool that was so awesome. It had an indoor grill and a hot tub. it makes me want one in my house someday (I wish)

Here is Micah "diving" into the pool, the pics are kind of dark.
They had a bridge going over the pool. It was sooo pretty!

Here is a video of Micah swinging on the rope they had. Sorry it is sideways. I was holding the camera longways and I guess videos can't be taken that way.


Andrea said...

That looks like lots of fun. I hope that pool is deep--Micah looks so high up on the diving picture.

Stacy said...

Hey Julie
It is Stacy Brown I miss you! I miss doing your hair and chating hope you are doing good your family pictures are so cute. who is doing your hair now? It looks good I am glad.

Stacy said...

Ok I just read that you are pregnant I am so excited for you I just had twins 2 months ago it was a big surprise!

Robyn Reynolds said...

That is the coolest pool ever!!Lucky people who own it. One day I'll be rich and buy one too :)