Sunday, August 24, 2008


Mya cracks me up so much latey. She is so cute especially towards Tay. She talks to him in a high voice and is quite the little mother and very protective of him. I can't wait for her to have a new baby to take "care"of. One of my favorite things about her is that she is always making up songs and singing everywhere she goes. She also talks to all of her toys in a motherly voice. She has a bunch of care bears that she treats like her babies, she gets pillows ready for them at night and they sleep with her on her bed and take up most of the room, she is always right on the edge about to fall off. It is so cute to just listen to her play in her room because she talks to herself saying the cutest things.
Here is a pic of her getting all dressed up and in her own little world. After I took the picture she had to look at it and said, "I know Grandma and Daddy will love this picture, can we take it and show her?" (Don't ask me what she is wearing, that's Mya for you.) She comes up to me and says, "Why, hello my lady" and "thank you my mam" She puts on shows and always starts out by saying "Ladies and gentleladies Introducing next on the Disney channel" She reminds me of me so much but the defining moment when I knew she was a little mini me, a drama queen, was when I was combing her hair and she looked in the mirror and started talking to herself as being another person in the mirror. I use to do that when I was little too. Just ask Beth and Tina.

Mya sometimes lacks the ability to focus on something for more than two minutes. In this video she told me to record her singing Mary Had A Little Lamb and she got a little distracted. She decided she better clean the sink instead of sing. In the end she forgets what song she was singing to begin with and starts singing three little speckled frogs instead.


Tina said...

Mya is such a cute little imiginative girl. She will love being mom to the little baby soon. She is definitely a mini you. I remember those times when you would talk to yourself in windows and mirrors, that is so funny that Mya does it too! Nathan loved looking at the pictures, so keep them coming! We miss you all!

Andrea said...

I love that picture! So cute. Glad you posted again--been wondering about you. How are you feeling?

Beth said...

That is so funny! Mya is definitely a little drama queen. What would we do without her?

Kari Ann said...

She is hillarious!
I can't wait to see her in a few more months.