Thursday, July 23, 2009


We had to take a second trip to finish up our dental work and get our crowns on and we also stayed with Micah's grandma and grandpa. Lexie got to come but we left the other two stinkers..I mean sweethearts at my moms (thanks mom!)

So when you have a brother-in-law do your dental work, you get to experiment and Micah had this master plan that he wanted to get a gold crown which is fine but then him and Robbe added to the madness and thought it would be cool to do an engraving on it... then fill the letter with a white filling, so Micah now has a gold tooth that has a great big white letter J for Julie on it(awe how sweet, I know) j/k. Who knows maybe they will start a trend haha.

Here is a little update on the little monsters (mostly just for my remembrance and for Tina cause she says she misses crazy Mya stories)

**Lexie had her four month check up, I'm a little behind she was actually four and a half months but anyway, she weighs 13lbs 11oz and is as sweet as ever.

**The other day I was telling the kids to get out of the kitchen and that they were food bubbles. Later on that day Tay was running around and I asked him if he was spiderman and he stopped and said "I not spiderman, I a food bubble"

**I was curling my hair and I had half of it done and I walked out of the bathroom and Mya let out a big gasp and threw her arms up in the air and said "Mom! That's just HORRIBLE!" I asked her what was wrong and she said "you can't do your hair like that it is awful" (nice that I have girls to help me with my style)

**We were driving up the mountain and Mya fell asleep on the way and one of her legs fell asleep and when she got out she said "Whoa, my leg is sparkling"

**Mya will not stop sucking her thumb and it is driving me crazy, so every time I see her do it I get mad at her. She has started coming up with excuses for why she is sucking it.

yesterday I saw her and this was our conversation

Me: Mya, was your thumb in your mouth?

Mya: I was just polishing it mom.

Me: What in the world does that mean?

Mya: When thumbs get dirty you just put them in your mouth and it polishes them

Another one is "mom, I am just so hungry I have to suck it"

**Mya does the strangest things, I went in her room and she had climbed up and was hanging stuff up I thought it was clothes but when I saw it I had to laugh, she has all of her toys on hangers. Anything with a handle or a hole of some sort is on a hanger. Everything from a Halloween bucket to an art supply kit.


Tina said...

Wow! You had me laughing really hard with those stories!! Thanks! Funny kids!

Andrea said...

Zoie has made many creations with hangers and whatever she feels like (clothes, toys, etc.).

Anonymous said...

I love that Tony's calling people food bubbles has traveled to the household of the Youngs! That is awesome that Tay said that!

The Colemans said...

Your kids are so cute and I love that Micah has a J on his tooth.