Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good news!

First....Lance and Tyce got their mission calls! They are going to Argentina! Lance is going to Buenos Aires North and Tyce is going to Neuquen. I googled it and they are a thirteen hour drive from each other.
I am really excited for them but sad that they will be gone at the same time. They leave October 14th. I can't believe this day has finally come. They will do AWESOME! I hope these two years go by fast cause it won't be the same without them around.

And....Tay is potty trained! Yay! He has done so good too. I was dreading the whole thing but the other day Micah put underwear on him and we decided to just do it. I have heard that boys are harder than girls to potty train but not with my kids. Mya was a nightmare and took forever to figure it out but Tay is so sweet he won't fight with me about going and wakes up in the morning saying "I need to go to the baffwoom" He has number 1 down and now we are working on conquering number 2 haha, good job Tay! Now the challenge is finding underwear that actually fit him. I have bought a few different brands but they are all big on him, so if anyone knows a brand that runs small, let me know.
And...Lexie is sleeping through the night! Hooray for sleep!


Beth said...

Good job Tay!! I just bought Lincoln some new undies and they are really small. Want to swap?? :)

Reagan said...

Jules, you are supermom! And, It's nice to have someone else in the tiny child club. tay really is mini! He is so cute!

Tell micah thanks so much! I wish I would have stuck with cross country and track in high school instead of taking the cool route and doing cheerleading. It is my biggest regret!

Anyway, keep up the mom of the year stuff. You amaze me!

The Young's said... fun that your brothers are going to the same that normal? And way to go with Tay...I guess I better start on Malachi.

Andrea said...

I just bought some underware for Jonas the other day too. We're not really doing the potty-training yet, but when I bought diapers the other day I decided that I didn't want to buy another box. :) Anyway, I hear you on the size stuff. The smallest I could find was 2T-3T, and that starts at 26 lbs. Jonas is only 23 or so.

The Colemans said...

You are making me depressed. Kash has been a huge nightmare with the potty. He totally gets it and could totally do it he just doesn't have the desire and Krew is not even close to sleeping through the night. Good for you though.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that someone else has a child that doesn't fit into their underwear! The only place I have been able to find underwear for taya is the family dollar store. Weird I know, but maybe because they are so cheap they make em smaller

Petersons said...

I love the pictures of Beth's family. They are so cute!
Wow! Congratulations on the potty training. I sure wish I would have done it when Micah offered the $1,000. I didn't even try. I probably could have had him trained by the time you got back from California. Too bad for me cause I sure could have used the money! Did you get the $1,000!