Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday night Micah went in to give Mya a hug and kiss goodnight. She was asleep and rolled over right when Micah leaned down and somehow her finger scratched his eyeball.
He came running out of the room saying honey, honey, come look at my eye! Mya scratched it. He was in a lot of pain but for some reason I got the giggles and could not stop laughing. He would pry his eye open with his fingers and have me look and see if I could tell what had happened but every time I tried to look I would start laughing.
For some reason the kids always hurt Micah. A while ago Tay smacked him in the nose with a sharp edge of this cake pan splitting his nose open. Once again, I couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, back to the Mya incident, he got mad at me and told me to just go to bed if I wasn't going to stop laughing at him because he was in such pain.
He tried to go to bed that night but finally at 2 am he couldn't take it anymore. He had to drive himself to the ER. Turns out Mya had taken a chunk out of his eye. I felt so bad that I had laughed so hard at him. They gave him antibiotics and lortab but it just wasn't helping. He had to go in again on Saturday at 5 in the morning because his eye was swollen shut and was full of gunk. When they looked at it they found out it had flowered open and is now even bigger. He can't even see out of it, it is just all blurry and he still has to take pain pills.


ginger said...

That's terrible, is he going to be okay? I always laugh at inappropriate times too, it must be a nervous thing? Tell him we hope he gets feeling better and that he makes a full recovery!

Kate said...

Poor guy. That is awful. I hope it gets better.

ginger said...

I was thinking of you today when a board fell on Rob's head and I laughed.

Sherrie said...

That's just awful! I hope he gets feeling better soon.