Thursday, December 11, 2008

A sad day

Last year my wonderful grandparents bought me a laptop with a webcam for my birthday so that when Micah was in Iraq and I was traveling to my moms a lot we would be able to webcam each other. It has been a great computer and I have become quite attached to it.
until last night when I went to turn it on and nothing. This morning I called HP and I only had a 1 year warranty and I have had my computer for a year and a half so I am S-O-L. They ran me through steps only to confirm that my hard drive has crashed and that it would be $570 dollars to get a new one. Uhhh no thanks! I can buy a new one for around that price but it sure won't be anytime soon. At least Micah still has his laptop so I guess I will be okay.
I am really sad about all of the old pictures and some of the cool software I had on my old one but we will hopefully be able to get those off somehow.
Goodbye HP Pavilion, Sorry I ran you to the bone and you died on me...I will miss you. :(


ginger said...

My condolences. After everything you and Micah put that poor webcam through it probably committed suicide and took the rest of the computer with it. May it rest in peace....finally.

Amberly said...

hi there... I'm a friend of kari ann's and popped in to see what micah was up to. I'm really commenting to say thanks for the christmas music, we have the same taste and I've had your blog open all morning listening! thank you!