Thursday, November 13, 2008

Light pink

I have mentioned before about Mya's obsession with pink. Now it has turned even worse! she now only likes light pink and if there isn't anything pink available she wants red "because red is like pink"
Today I asked Mya what she wanted for Christmas and this was her list

"A light pink bike and a light pink helmet to match my light pink bike
light pink boots
light pink care bear slippers
a light pink cowboy hat (She must have thought this up because at grandpa Peterson has cowboy hats he lets the kids wear but he doesn't have any pink ones)
a light pink scooter and another light pink helmet to match my light pink scooter
a light pink kite
a light pink umbrella
and light pink scissors"

When she was done telling me her list she said "Wow that's a lot of things. Will you tell all the things to me again because it makes me too tired to say it again."

Micah asked her if it would be okay to get her a purple bike and she got so mad at him. We better be able to find her a pink bike somewhere. As for all of the other stuff...I hope she forgets asking for it.


Lara said...

Well, even if you can't find a light pink bike, I know where you can find a can of light pink spray paint. :) I think you can even get some with sparkles!

Sarah Bogh said...

wow, i am glad i am not the only one lost in this world of PINK!! Gracie is so obsessed with it too, i should tell you though, we saw two pink bikes at wal-mart a few weeks ago. one is a disney princess one and i don't remember what the other one was. so if you can't find one up there let me know and i can get you one down here. i know how this pink obsession is so i wouldn't want you to let her down. :)

Andrea said...

When Zoie was in that phase, she'd dress herself in pink. Unfortunately, every article of clothing had to be pink, and very few of them were the same shade.

Good luck with your light pink Christmas shopping!

Kari Ann said...

She is hillarious! I love the stories that you share. I wish we were there to witness a few of them for ourselves.

Kate said...

That is so cute. She is definitely all girl and a girly girl at that.