Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween fun

Mya had a lot of fun with Taya and Braxtan the other day. I let them decorate sugar cookies and they must have been in a goofy mood because I just told them to look at the camera and they started pulling funny faces.
I don't know why this pic is sideways, It wouldn't upload right for some reason. I just thought it was cute to see how they decorated them. All of their cookies were completely covered in sprinkles and I'm sure they weren't the best tasting cookies ever. It was cute when I went to write Braxtan's name and he let me know that I could just start calling him Torres and that is what he wanted on his cookie. He was a good sport to hang out with two girly girls all morning. What cute kids!

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Anonymous said...

That is cute! You are so awesome for watching my crazy kids! We owe ya one! Sorry we didn't meet up on Halloween. We will have to do something soon.