Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here are some pictures of our ultrasound from yesterday. Micah talked me into not finding out what we are having since we already have a boy and girl and have everything we will need. It is so hard not to know but at the same time I think it will make the delivery so much more exciting. Everyone else is dying to know. Beth tried getting the ultrasound lady to write it in an envelope and her and Tina would be the only ones to know, but I know I would try way to hard to get it out of her.

I thought I was over the hard part but no, the hospital called today and said the computer didn't save any of my ultrasound so they want me to come in tomorrow and do the whole ultrasound over again. Okay, are they trying to kill me?? It was hard enough the first time not to look so we will see how good I do tomorrow with not looking.
Here is a video of the baby kicking its foot above its head.
20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go


Tina said...

I like Beth's idea, she and I should know!! I am going to guess...girl. I can't believe I won't even be there to see the baby. How sad. Good luck with the ultrasound tomorrow!

Reagan said...

how far along are you? I think I probably couldn't handle the suspense!

Tasha Alycia said...

That is the best idea!!! I want to see a picture of your baby bump!!! (if you have one)

Andrea said...

Isn't it crazy how smooshed babies are?! Can't you just bring in the video and pictures they gave you initially?