Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funny Mya sayings

I decided to create a post of silly things Mya says and does each day. I know that Micah would like to hear about them because by the time I talk to him I usually forget to tell him lots of things so this is for you Micah.
Newest silly Mya saying- She asked Pam for a starburst and Pam said I don't know ask your mom and she put it back and said "I probably shouldn't, I already had a skittles"
* She wanted to play a game so we were getting it ready and she said "be patient mom k, be patient"
*Beth gave her a sugar cookie and she said "Suga.... I love suga...." (she can't say her r's very well.
*We were driving down the road one day and there was a tree thats leaves had turned red and she said "A red tree? I neva seen a red tree before"
*I was taking her to the bathroom and she didn't quite make it and said " I sorry mom, I didn't mean to, you my best friend."
*Every time Micah gets on the web cam she reminds him how when he comes home for christmas he has to bring her home a sucker because he brought her one way back in August, and for some reason a pink truck.
* I was putting her to bed and she said mom, I have teeth and you have teeth and Lance has teeth but Tyce doesn't have teeth, he needs to go to the store and buy some so he can be happy.
I guess Tyce must not smile that much.

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Tiffany Carter said...

HAHA! she is such a little crack-up! i love it!