Sunday, April 3, 2011


Holy cow I am a slacker! Much like a lot of things I do, sad to say...but really, what a better way to do our journaling right, and after seeing my buddy ol' pal Megan yesterday, I decided I SOO need to get back into it! So from now on, it is my goal to blog/journal every Sunday-ish. Hmm, so where to start after a year of nothingness? Well just from this day I guess, Life is great!!! We moved to Sunny St. George, wow what an amazing place to live!!! Holy cow I thought I would miss Cedar City, but NOPE! Kids being kids, Micah loving work, mom being mom and taking pictures on the side... hey you should jump on over to facebook and like JULES PHOTOS :)Also in the middle of building a website...getting very busy, which is good, BUT I've learned, and take my advice, if you want a hobby to stay a hobby, you have to be able to say no! Being a mother is priority number UNO! and I find my mothering skills slack off when I feel pressure to get pictures edited. Also the last thing I want is to be overwhelmed taking pictures and editing and getting too busy I get sick of it. Well, looks like that's all I have time for today folks, I have had my 5 minutes of uninteruptedness, that's about all I get in between being a servant, oops...I meant mother ;)


Andrea said...

So glad for an update! Keep them coming.

Sherrie said...

I had no idea you moved to St. George. Sounds like life is treating you well. I am very happy for you. I always look forward to your updates and can't wait for the next one. Take care!

Tasha Alycia said...

Holy S*%# Jules! I'm so happy you came back to the blogging world. i was getting sick of looking at that casserole.... :)