Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So this morning Mya was watching something on PBS, I like having her watch cartoons on that channel because there is actually learning involved in most of their kid programming.
Anyway, I learned while cleaning the kitchen that there are 40,000!!! known species of spiders in the world!!! Say what?! really?? FOURTY THOUSAND DIFFERENT SPECIES!! The thought of this really makes my skin crawl... I knew there were a LOT, but really??? Does there seriously need to be that many different type of disgusting eight legged creatures crawling around out there. Oh and to think that doesn't include insects and bugs of all different types. Eww! (I hope I never find out how many of those there are) I really need therapy huh!


The Carters said...

I agree that is so gross. Don't you love Fetch! I saw that episode today too. Trevin is a PBS-aholic. Did you see the episode where they got a new camera dog who is a bull dog named Tank? I thought you would like that.

Andrea said...


I love PBS too.

Lara said...

I'm pretty sure all of them are in my house, too.

We get some HUGE, tarantula sized brown spiders in these parts. Not fun.