Friday, August 21, 2009


As a mom I have found it is hard when you have kids to feel like you have a purpose other than sitting at home feeding kids, changing diapers, cooking dinner, cleaning the house and the list goes on... Micah has been wanting me to find a hobby forever because he knew I just kinda felt "worthless" in a way, even though raising our children is the most important things we as mothers can do, sometimes it feels pointless in a way. (At least for me it does. I sure hope I am not the only mom out there who feels discouraged at times.)
I love being a mom but it is HARD work. Like when we have just swept the kitchen floor and turn around to see Cheerios smashed all over it or see the little fingerprints all over the newly just washed 10 minute ago window. Or when we have all the laundry folded but haven't quite put it all away and the kids just can't resist picking up a pile and throwing it all over the room.

Anyway...I am glad I have found something for me that I can do that will in no way get undone by a little rugrat two minutes after I do it.

Here's what I have been up to lately to keep me busy I am not busy taking care of my little ones) and have cute senior pictures, more families and some little ones coming up so stay "tuned" for more.


The Askeroth Family said...

Your pictures are great! I might have to have you take some pictures for us when we get back to Cedar.
Oh, and I know what you mean about the frustrations of being a stay at home mom. Sometimes I feel like I got hit by a truck or something. But you are right, it's the most important thing we could be doing!

ginger said...

i need to schedule with you. when is a good time?

Robyn Reynolds said...

I have days like that all the time. I feel like I am constantly cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, entertaining Ava or doing laundry sometimes. I had to pick up some craft stuff on the side. It makes for a nice break. Too bad I don't live in Cedar to get pictures.

Andrea said...

Love the pictures. You do a great job!

I totally understand how you felt. Looks like you found a great hobby.