Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"It's Obama"

This morning when we got up, Mya turned on the tv and the news was on. I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready when she said

"Look mom, It's Obama"

It wasn't Obama though, it was Chris Brown. I asked her who Obama was and she said "Our president".

I don't know how her little brain remembers everything it does because the only time Obama has come up was during the election and since then we haven't said anything about him. It might not have been him but I was still impressed that she knew who Obama was.


The Carters said...

It is crazy how kids can remember things. Trevin also recognizes Obama except when he sees him he runs to the TV points and says, "Oh no mamma, bad man!" We've taught him well. Mya is so smart to know that he is the president.

Andrea said...

Zoie used to surprise me with things like that quite frequently. Kind of scary the things they remember. :)

KA said...

With a little training you could get her on Oprah.

Bran and Chelle said...

That's funny...she is such a smart little girl:) I guess they absorb a lot more than we think they do.