Thursday, March 26, 2009

The story behind the stache

So a few people have asked if Micah is growing a mustache thanks to my post about him and the dog, and thank goodness not anymore. About three weeks before I was due with Lexie Micah randomly decided he was not going to shave his mustache until I had the baby (don't ask me why, I told him everyday how hideously unattractive I thought it was but he kept it anyway) Well, all the guys at UPS decided they were going to grow one as well, At UPS the only facial hair you're allowed to have is a mustache, so they all had this ugly facial hair that all the wives hated. Anyway, I am glad to say he shaved it the day I had the little one. Soo for all of you women out there, there are not many men who can pull of a stache so if your husband says he is going to grow one, I guarantee they will probably look hideously unattractive. (no offense to anyone who has one already, I'm sure it looks good or you wouldn't have it)

This picture is of all the guys Micah works with. You can't see their mustaches very well in the picture, but they decided they needed to go out to dinner and celebrate their staches.