Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's Your Phobia??

I had the worst nightmare the other night (well a nightmare to me, but to some just a dumb dream), that we left our door open and when we woke up in the morning, our house was COVERED in bugs. Everything from spiders, bees, praying mantises, worms, crickets, and any other creep crawler you could think of. It was the worst dream ever! I am soo scared of bugs. Even cute little lady bugs aren't cute at all to me. I woke up screaming which scared Micah to death because he didn't know what I was screaming about. When I told him that in my dream he had a napkin full of bugs and instead of just being nice and throwing them away, he threw them at mean.... he just laughed and went back to sleep. It was awful.
Micah always jokes about how I could be so afraid of bugs when I grew up in a small town where I played outside all day and was around them all of the time. And the answer is I don't know, but I would love to conquer my stupid fear because it is REALLY annoying to let something soo small that can't hurt me get the best of me.
I get all shaky and feel queasy when there is a spider or any type of creepy crawler near me. You know on talk shows where people come and try and face their fears, well I would be an extremely good candidate for one of those shows.
When Micah was in Iraq bugs became one of my major stresses in life. We have a huge problem with crickets. They are everywhere in the summer. I seriously can't kill them. If they are big and you can hear a crunch when you smash them, there is no way I can even come close to them. I am so mean that I would make Mya try and kill them for me until I got smart and got an exterminator. Wow how that made my life great! Every morning when I would walk outside and see a dozen dead crickets and spiders that were just waiting for me to open the door so they could come intrude in my house were laying there DEAD, it made my day.
Micah thought it was silly so when he got back from Iraq he canceled the bug
man :( The bug man was my favorite person :( good thing it is winter and there aren't any bugs, but when they start to come out and invade... Micah, you have big shoes to fill mister!


Lara said...

Oh man. I am so with you. I freak out at bugs. And crickets are the worst. Ugh.

carter fam said...

haha! i love you!

RJ said...


This is sort of random, but I work in Casting for a new major network show dealing with women and phobias. I was researching specific phobias and came across your blog. If you could email me at, I'd love to speak with you more.