Monday, February 18, 2008

Date night

Mya is becoming a little girl, it is weird how fast they grow. One of Mya's favorite thing to do is put Tay to bed and have our little date nights. We make cookies, eat bubble gum icecream, candy and anything else that is bad for you, And the best part is that I don't have to feel guilty because Micah's not there to see us devour a whole plate of cookies in one night.


Crystal and Austin said...

Julie, you better watch your weight and stop eating so many cookies. You're really packin' on the lbs.

The Young's said...

Hey Julie I'm sure Micah would encourage his 90lb wife to eat all the junk food she wants!! You and Mia are so cute, how fun that you have date night. When Kody used to be gone all week here in Cali I would always let Ell's stay up with me and watch t.v. By the way I love your recipe exchange, you have some good one's.

Sarah Bogh said...

that is so fun, Gracie and i do the same thing when Joe is gone. its so fun to have a little party buddy isn't it? what would we do without our kids! i also love your recipe exchange, my mom and i have both done a few of your recipes, we like them. maybe one of these days i'll try to contribute.